Airwave is a proven leader in the public safety communications ERRCS DAS community. With over 19 years of public safety ERRCS DAS communications industry experience, our highly trained sales, iBwave engineering, project management, installation and optimization teams are ready to provide a full-service turnkey public safety ERRCS DAS operation for Southern California AHJs. We are experienced with each jurisdiction’s ERRCS DAS codes also including but not limited to; NFPA, CFC, IFC and more.

Airwave stands ready to provide our services to commercial and public safety projects upon request. We understand the importance of a rapid response to prevent delayed certifications and TCOs.

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A public safety ERRCS DAS system is a specifically engineered radio communications system enabling first responders to utilize their portable radios inside structures for communications where DAQ (digital audio quality) is either insufficient or no useable RF signal penetrates from the local agencies’ prime communications site.

Upon completion of the appropriate engineering, the layout and components of the public safety ERRCS DAS are then configured. Dependent upon the local AHJ requirements, these can encompass; one or more exterior donor signal antennas, multiple interior distribution signal antennas, plenum rated RF transmission cable and or fiberoptic cable, passive devices to split, direct or combine signals, one or more BDAs, one or more BBUs, and possibly multiple fiberoptic remote transmission devices.

iBwave engineering via building design studies dictate the system configuration, primary and infrastructure components, RF and fiber optic cable layout and optimum placement of the interior signal distribution antennas. This ensures reliable public safety radio communications and guarantees a successful AHJ test and certification.

ERRCS DAS installation by Airwave's highly trained and experienced technicians is crucial to a successful public safety ERRCS DAS project. Their training includes but not limited to the following manufacturers: Bird, Comba, Westell, ADRF, Cel-Fi, Fiplex, Solid, Motorola Solutions and more. Your decision to utilize Airwave Communications to facilitate your ERRCS DAS project will stand as one of your most successful



ADRF is the leading provider of 3G, 4G, and 5G wireless solutions that ensure reliable connectivity in venues of any size, shape, and location.

Alliance Corporation

Alliance supplies leading edge products needed for a successful deployment of indoor and outdoor DAS solutions. They not only stock a complete line of reputable, active and passive DAS products to support your project, but they also have the expertise on staff to recommend the right solution.


Anritsu Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation in the telecommunications electronics equipment market. A global pioneer for producing the world's first wireless telephone network.

Bird Technologies

Bird provides radio frequency communication products, services, calibration and training for the public security, cellular networks, broadcasting, semiconductor, military, government and medical industries.



CommScope Inc., which opened in 1976, is an American global network infrastructure provider company based in Hickory, North Carolina. CommScope is a 1997 spin-off of General Instrument and has over 20,000 employees worldwide, with customers in over 130 countries.

iBwave Design

iBwave is the industry standard software for designing indoor wireless networks. Our software is the power behind some of the largest indoor wireless networks in the world and is used by hundreds of operators and OEMs. Their software provides the ultimate solution for system integrators to manage, track, and report on all projects at every stage of a wireless network design project.


  • ERRCS: Emergency Responder Radio Communication System
  • DAS: Distributed Antenna System
  • BDA: Bi-Directional Amplifier [Primary DAS component which amplifies externally sourced RF signals]
  • BBU: Battery Back-Up [Primary DAS component which provides the code required 12- or 24-hour emergency system battery run time]
  • FACP: Fire Alarm Control Panel [Primary building Fire Department fire alarm panel]
  • AP: Annunciator Panel [Auxiliary fire alarm control panel to interface with primary building panel]
  • CLASS “A”: Class “A” BDA’s are channelized for specific frequencies [required by some AHJ jurisdictions]
  • CLASS “B”: Class “B” BDA’s are wide range frequency with non-specific frequencies [Class “B” BDA’s require registration with the FCC due to the wide bandwidth]
  • DAQ: Digital Audio Quality [Standard of digital RF signal voice quality measurement]
  • RSSI: Radio Signal Strength Indicator [Electronically measured radio signal strength]
  • RF: Radio frequency
  • FIBER: Fiber optic RF signal distribution methodology often used for larger structures where RF cable would become too attenuated or substantially diminished
  • iBwave: A proprietary radio planning engineering software that develops solutions for the in-building wireless industry used by telecom operators, system integrators and equipment vendors
  • NFPA-72/1221: National Fire Protection Association [Indicates required standards and specifications for DAS engineering and installations]
  • CFC-510: California Fire Code [Indicates required standards and specifications for DAS engineering and installations]
  • IFC: International Fire Code [Indicates required standards and specifications for DAS engineering and installations]
  • FCC: Federal Communications Commission
  • FIRSTNET: First Responder Network Authority
  • UL2524: Currently required UL [Underwriters Laboratories] certification for DAS components
  • NEMA: National Electric Manufacturer’s Association [NEMA-4 rated enclosures are required for all primary DAS components to protect them from liquid damage]
  • SBC: Safer Buildings Coalition [National coalition membership organization to regulate and standardize in-building public safety codes and radio systems]