Who We Are

Airwave Communications, a certified Motorola Dealer Service Center, stands at the forefront of advanced communication solutions. Our experienced team of technicians, installers, and tower climbers, hold distinguished certifications and licenses from esteemed institutions such as the FCC, ETA, APCO, CET, Bureau of Automotive Repair, and the rigorous "R56" Motorola training. As a proud California-registered SBE, MBE, and DBE business, we've established robust partnerships with industry leaders, including Motorola, Kenwood, Federal Signal, Sound Off, Whelen, Code3, Troy, Havis Shield, Jotto Desk, and many others.

We hold an extensive track record of servicing private, local, state, and federal departments across California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Our expertise ranges from outfitting vehicles with pursuit, patrol, traffic, undercover, or fire equipment to designing and installing in-building infrastructures of any size. You can trust us to meticulously handle all aspects, including rack, cabling, mounting, and path alignment. Our company comprises three main divisions: site & infrastructure, vehicle outfitting, and two-way radio systems sales.

As a Motorola Safety Reimagined partner and service elite specialist, we extend our services to radio rentals, repairs, and servicing. Our collaboration with Avigilon allows us to offer top-tier video surveillance technology, weapon detection, and dispatch systems. Our extensive clientele includes cities, unified school systems, airports, private businesses, and sectors such as construction, fire & EMS, healthcare, hospitality, law enforcement, retail, oil & gas, security, transportation, utilities, and more. In addition to these services, we offer comprehensive system management services, maintenance agreements, FCC licensing, project management, and ERRCS DAS system installations.

“Stay Safe, Stay Connected, with Airwave Communications”